Friday, June 17, 2011

OP-EZY 7 - In development

OP-EZY 6.0 has had a good run, it has been live since early 2009. It was the first incarnation of the OP-EZY site that had a fully table-less layout designed from scratch.
So far, all sites had to be edited manually, either by editing the page files, or editing a database.
Back in the days of OP-EZY 3.0, I had the idea of building an admin area where pages could be easily updated, but didn't know how to make something like that. By OP-EZY 4.0 I had the backend in place, but never took the time to build an interface for the admin area.
Recently, I just finished a project for college where I had to create such a system. This system is called "MagicPage". As we speak, I am currently using MagicPage as the backbone to the new site design. Here is a sneak preview of the new site:
This preview shows how the site renders at night time, the site will adapt for the times of the day, and reflect the weather at OP-EZY HQ. It will also allow you to set the weather to your current location if you so wish.
We hope to roll this site out in a few weeks, where we can finally put MagicPage through it's paces.

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