Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Expected Downtime: 2014-12-29 13:00-18:00 UTC


We will be expecting some downtime on the  29th December between 13:00-18:00 UTC, this is to allow for an upgrade to the external network. Unfortunately during this time, the holding pages directing to this site will unable to be shown, so it's advisable to bookmark this page now to check back on the progress during the downtime.

Currently, OP-EZY is running on an ADSL Max connection which, as shown above, is rated at "Up to 1" megabit on the downstream connection (where we coined the term "Almost-A-Megabitâ„¢ Technology") with an upload rate of, on average, 256 Kilobits. By using a range of compression and a clever combination of caching techniques, we've managed to make the sites hosted on the platform usable without too much latency, more so with the upgrade a couple of months back.

With the upgrade to FTTC (Fibreoptic) expected to be completed on the 29th, we'll have that upload rate increased by about 78x. This should make the sites more responsive, especially when paired with the caching techniques already in place.


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