Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Service finally restored

The DSL service has finally been restored 8 days after first dropping. OP-EZY are very sorry for the inconvenience which was due to a break in the main phone line cabling supporting the whole village where OP-EZY is based.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

OP-EZY Online - 7 Years Today!

On this day, 7 years ago, OP-EZY International Pirate Radio launched, bring OP-EZY into the online world. We'd have done something to commemorate this, but sadly due to the ongoing DSL issue, we are still down.
For more information regarding the DSL saga (which has been going on for a week now, please follow this link):

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Known issues with DSL line

Update: 2012-11-26 - 20:31 GMT: And the 20:30 deadline for a callback has passed... Looks like OP-EZY will be offline for its 7 years online. Which is a shame!

Update: 2012-11-26 - 17:05 GMT: The 5PM deadline set by our provider has also passed, and still no line. They said they'd call between 18:30 and 20:30 to update their progress.

Update: 2012-11-26 - 15:24 GMT: We've been told that the line should be up by 17:00 today, and I'll get a phone call to make sure everything's working. Currently the line is still down.

Update: 2012-11-25 - 14:00 GMT: As our line completely goes now, you will be experiencing issues connecting to any OP-EZY service. We've checked with other people in the area to find that the whole village is having the same issues with their phone lines. We personally think this is a huge issue our phone provider should be taking very seriously! Not so much for the disruption of service, but the fact that the lines are down means accessing the emergency services is very difficult without the use of mobile phones. (to which the signal isn't always very good here anyways!)

Update: 2012-11-24 - 14:14 GMT: Just got off the phone with the provider who say the fault is in the cabling and engineers will hopefully have found the fault and replaced the bad cable by Monday the 26th November.

Update: 2012-11-24 - 13:47 GMT: Well, the promise of service being restored on the 23rd has passed. The online fault tracker still says it will be fixed by that date (yes, future tense!), but now the line cuts out completely. When it does return, the server has barely enough time to update the IP address before the whole lot goes again!


OP-EZY are aware of issues regarding the phone line the DSL service is connected to which will cause our services to be unavailable occasionally for a few minutes. Noise on the line means we keep losing DSL sync momentarily and come back a couple of seconds later with a new IP Address.

The OP-EZY servers are equipped to deal with sudden IP changes, but sadly switching addresses takes time for our DNS provider (Cloudflare) to reflect this change meaning our services go down about about 5-10 minutes.

The issues occur once or twice every couple of hours, and our provider has been made aware of the issue and expect the fault to be fixed by Friday 23rd November.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ISP Issues

OP-EZY and all related sites are down due to ISP issues. This should hopefully be resolved in a few hours.

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