Monday, November 02, 2015

OP-EZY 8.0

The OP-EZY International website has been updated to version 8.0. Visually it looks similar, but underneath it's a totally different beast. It's now running on WordPress, with the theme adapted from MagicPage to slot in place on WordPress.

Why the change? Well, the code powering MagicPage hadn't been updated in 4 years. 4 years is a long time to go without updates, and as there wasn't enough time to maintain it, we decided it was easier, and safer to switch to an actively developed CMS instead. Also, at the end of this month, OP-EZY International will have been online for 10 years, so an update to the site was long overdue.

That being said, we can finally announce general availability of MagicPage CMS which is available here:

Please feel free to fork it and make it great. Be warned if you're going to use it on your own site, it's protected by Swiss Cheese Security™ - one of the many reasons we didn't release the code until all of our sites were no longer running on it.


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