Monday, September 17, 2018

End of an era. OP-EZY's in-house hosing decommissioned

OP-EZY has been online since November 2005, for many years we were hosting on site, on a very slow Internet connection. Though by use of a great concoction of caching and compression techniques, we were able to keep the sites hosted functional.

A couple of years back, we started branching out to using cloud hosting, as the sites starting getting more traffic. The in-house server was kept as a backup. We have since upgraded the cloud infrastructure further and felt in-house hosting was no longer a viable option.

OP-EZY is still dedicated to quality hosting, and the sites are still getting hundreds of hits a day. We are certainly not closing up shop.

I will close this status updated with a short video of the in-house server being decommissioned.

In-house hosting: 2005-2018

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